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Spring, Front Sight Detent

Spring, Selector Detent & Ejector
Spring (NO Buffer), Extractor
Spring, Forward Assist
Spring, Forward Assist Pawl
Spring, Ejection Port Cover
Spring, Slip Ring (Weld Spring)
Post, Front Sight
Detent, Front Sight Post
Pin, Gas Tube
Pin, Firing Pin Retaining
Pin, Bolt Cam (NiCoTef)
Pin, Hinge, Ejection Port Cover
C-Clip, Ejection Port Cover
Pin, Forward Assist
C-Clip, Slip Ring (Snap Ring)

x2 Pin, Hammer/Trigger
Detent, Selector (NiCoTef)
Detent, Buffer Retainer
Roll Pin, Bolt Catch
Pin, Receiver Takedown
Pin, Receiver Pivot
x2 Detent, Takedown/Receiver Pivot Pin (NiCoTef)
Roll Pin, Trigger Guard
Spring, Buffer Retainer Detent
Spring, Disconnector
Spring, Trigger
Spring, Hammer
Spring, Bolt Catch Plunger
Spring, Selector Detent & Ejector
Spring, Magazine Catch
Spring, Takedown/Receiver Pivot Pin x2
Spring, Trigger Guard Detent
Enhanced Spring, Recoil Buffer, Action, Carbine

Damage Industries - AR-15 Pin, Detent, Clip & Spring Kit, Complete

SKU: DI-10070x11145
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